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"I am eternally grateful for my session with you. You were the first one to introduce me to the altar as a symbol of my Divinity...your words felt like a warm embrace of encouragement, greatly needed and not forgotten. You're a magnificent Spiritual guide, strong and generous with your gifts and done with such flair and style! Thank you!"

 - BK, Seattle

"The grace with which you approach life is inspiring! Your teaching is helping me to give words and action to what was just a short while ago just a feeling. Thank you for your grounding and inspiring energy!"

 - KA, Issaquah


Spiritual Counseling

"My words cannot convey the healing gift you have given me with your skills, magic and time but mostly with the faith and trust and respect you have shown in me and my process. It has brought me back to life! All praises!"

 - JG, Seattle

We are living in precarious times that require resilient hearts and strong souls. Most people spend a lot of time developing their careers, bodies and bank accounts. In their busy lives, too often their souls remain neglected. Spiritual counseling helps you become more soulfully connected to life by developing your relationship to the Great Mystery.


During our session, we might discuss and examine your spiritual understanding to determine whether or not your beliefs are in alignment with your soul. We might practice meditative and prayerful techniques to help you connect spiritually. We may consult the oracle of Tarot for insight, or use Hypnotherapy to access the deeper parts of your psyche. Sometimes ritual work is needed. Each session is as individual as you are.

"I must tell you how well I've been doing since our session. Yesterday, for the first time in years, I looked at my make-up free face in the mirror and LIKED what I saw! Thank you!"

 - CO, Bothell

Rev. Judith Laxer

Spiritual counseling is not psychotherapy, although the benefits can also be psychological. If your needs reach beyond my scope of practice, I can refer you to one of several excellent, local, psychotherapists. Often I will work with clients who are seeing a psychotherapist concurrently.


Sometimes a session or two is all that is needed to promote and encourage your spiritual growth. Sometimes clients prefer to come on a consistent basis for support and guidance, especially during difficult times when they are experiencing a crisis of faith.

I also provide pre-marital spiritual counseling to couples on their way to the altar to be wed.


Half hour: $95

One hour: $150

Hour and a half: $205

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