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Rev. Judith Laxer


This remarkable modality is used for a multitude of purposes: behavior modification, such as quitting smoking or losing weight, getting motivated and staying disciplined, past life regressions, finding the soul's purpose, aligning the chakra system, connecting with a spirit guide or animal totem, augmenting a healing journey, or resolving fears and phobias.


Like any other therapy, the more hypnotherapy is applied, the more it works. Sometimes several sessions are needed to fully shift long standing behaviors. Often clients will return periodically to refresh the work we have already put in place.

All Hypnotherapy sessions are one and a half hours.


Hour and a half (regular session): $195





Hypnotherapy is an effective method used to access the different levels of our consciousness. When the realm of the psyche is entranced, a world of possibilities opens! Many people believe they cannot be hypnotized, but everyone can. Your conscious mind does not have to be "out" in order for hypnotherapy to work.

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