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Rev. Judith Laxer

Gaia's Temple


Join us on the second Sunday of each month at

Shoreline UU Church

14724 1st Ave. NE Seattle, WA 98155


Doors open at 1:30 p.m., service begins at 2. Free parking on site. Join us for fellowship immediately following the service. For more information, visit

Gaia's temple logo

Our mission: An inclusive ministry, Gaia’s Temple fosters love of the Divine Feminine

by honoring Nature and the qualities of compassion and relatedness.


Our vision: We create balance in the world through the worship of the Divine Feminine.


Our values: Respect, love, peace and integrity.


In the Autumn of 2000, I heard the Divine Feminine whisper in my ear. She asked me why there was no place for those who worship Mother Nature to gather in community of like-minded people, just as on Sunday mornings everywhere, people were gathering in their houses of worship.  This prompted me to offer the first Goddess Worship Service on the second Sunday morning of September that year, and I’ve been offering them on the second Sunday of each month ever since.


Four years later, Gaia’s Temple received our non-profit status, a Board of Directors was formed and the Ministry, already a spiritual entity, also became a legal one. In September of 2010, we celebrated our first decade of service to an ever growing community of men and women who believe that our precious Earth is a sentient being who needs our faith and care to ensure a brighter future for our children. As we awaken to the peril that Mother Earth is in, our care and concern for Her, and therefore ourselves, causes us to search our souls. What we often find there is a deep rooted and spiritual connection to Nature. This elicits an awareness that reaches beyond our intellect and into our hearts. It changes us. It informs our choices for how we live, and it restores our faith in sustainability.


The worship services in Gaia’s Temple follow the cycles of Nature, and our seasonal journey through time.  They address the common events and experiences that touch our lives, with food for thought on the qualities we wish to embody: love, peace, compassion, healing, devotion, and faith. Within sacred space, we learn about the Goddess and God, spend time in introspection and prayer, and replenish our souls with beautiful music in loving community. Everyone is welcome!

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