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It's a calling.

This is not the first lifetime I have spent as clergy. I am certain I have been a High Priestess before, and a Priest, a Monk, a Hermit, and a Nun. I am certain I have built churches, cleaned mosques, presided at the temple, kept the grove. I am certain I have dedicated my life, my body, my voice, my soul to that unnameable force we have for centuries called by names now laden with connotation and import; Goddess, God, Spirit, Creator, the One. I am certain I have jumped through hoops and endured ordeals and served and slaved and gone insane and been sacrificed, all for the depth of my faith and the belief in the evolution of the soul from lifetime to lifetime. And this one is no exception. Although I am relieved to know there are no blazing stakes or nooses in my future and so far, I believe, I have kept my sanity intact. I am certain this is not the first life I have experienced the joy and deep contentment that true faith promises. And I am also certain that this is the life in which it has been the most fun!This time, I am doing it under my own auspices. I answer to my calling. And perhaps non profit laws and state tax regulations but those are the nuts and bolts of business, not the essence and nature of faith. I serve Her. The Divine Feminine so desperately needed in the forefront of our consciousness and the strength of our hearts in these times. The compassionate and nurturing Great Mother whom we have so long abandoned but thankfully, She Who Did Not Return That Favor.I simply took all that I loved to do and cared about and sought ways to manifest them. And in one inspired moment, on the heels of securing a beautiful office I knew was my sacred space, I chose to offer my first Goddess Worship Service. That was close to ten years ago and during the ensuing years, my ministry has watered not only the once dry plains of my soul, it has cultivated a thriving spiritual community, it has developed and supported a great understanding and reclaiming of the Ancient Goddess, She Whom We Had Forgotten For So Long.I am certain that all those other lives in the clergy have led me to this one. I am certain that persecution for one's faith in past lives makes one bold enough to forge their own faith in the next one. After all, once you loose your life what more do you have to loose? I am certain that experience in obedience and penance and scarcity in past lives makes one brave enough to refuse that monotony and pain in this one. I am certain that the Fates have spun the thread of freedom for me this time around. I am so grateful..Join me in Gaia's Temple and let's take good spiritual care of the Earth together.

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