Psychic Tarot

Consulting the oracle of Tarot is a valuable technique used to reach into the psychic realm for meaningful personal information and insight. The symbols on the Tarot cards are like keys that unlock my intuition and clairvoyance. My Tarot readings will help you find answers to your most perplexing questions, and provide guidance for your most challenging issues.

"You have had such a huge impact on my life—thank you for the loving, spiritual work that you do."

 - JZ, Bainbridge

"I want to tell you how very powerful and affirming your reading was for me! You are a gifted healer and Priestess."

 - ODM, Seattle

"Thank you for your ancient wisdom, intuition and great sense of humor."

 - ME, Seattle

Rev. Judith Laxer

I believe that we co-create our reality with Spirit, and our choices determine our experience. Many people are fearful of what the cards might relay, as if what they tell us is rigid and fixed. The information given in a psychic Tarot reading is a reflection of what is going on in the moment and can indicate a probable outcome based on these circumstances.  If we see something unpleasant that appears to be approaching in the future, we can change our course of action now, and thereby change the probable outcome.


My clients bring questions about their health, careers, relationships, finances, families, and spiritual growth. Sometimes we will use the Tarot to receive messages from the Ancestral realm. Your questions can be as esoteric as “What is my purpose here in this lifetime?” or as practical as "Should I buy that car on Friday?" I will counsel and guide you to your best course of action.


Half hour: $95

One hour: $150

Half hour for couples: $115

One hour for couples: $185


I am also available to read Tarot for your guests at your next party or gathering!

Please contact me for group pricing.